Breaking the Loop: A Look at the Cinematic Music of Breath of the Wild

A few weeks ago, I did a talk on the History of Zelda music at the offices of Twitch, which included some post-talk Q&A. I had just finished explaining a key difference between video game music and other forms of music, which is that video game music has to repeat, that it has to play on loop for a potentially indefinite amount of time—when I got a really good follow up question:

“Do you think that games could ever move out of those kinds of constraints [of needing to loop indefinitely]?”

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Deconstructing: The Theme of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

At this time of writing, I am one of many eagerly awaiting the release of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, which is now less than a week away. In the meantime, I’ve consumed an unhealthy amount of Breath of the Wild media (though avoiding spoilers!)—and of course, my focus quickly turned to the music. I realized two things:

  1. We’ve (with essentially full certainty, at least on my part) got the Theme of Breath of the Wild well-defined from the trailers that have been released, and
  2. I have a lot to say about it

So without further ado—let’s have a closer look at the Theme of Breath of the Wild!

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Deconstructing: “Secret of the Forest” from Chrono Trigger

The 11th track in the Original Sound Version (OSV) of Chrono Trigger is “Secret of the Forest” and is the subject of this Deconstructing article, where we’ll take a look in detail at a work of music and break it down into its disparate parts, with the ultimate goal of enhancing the reader’s experience with the music. As a composer/producer myself, I also find deconstructing songs very helpful for inspiring ideas in my own work. Continue reading